Friday, November 18, 2011

Unbranded Awareness Campaign

In an effort to raise awareness for sugar-related breakfast options, the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) has taken it upon themselves to educate the general public about health breakfast options.
In a unique twist, the campaign is completely void of any CDA branding. The company has also launched a website which also lacks CDA branding, but provides a wealth of knowledge for visitors such as “Sugar Crash Course” quiz and a pledge visitors can sign to reduce their daily sugar intake. A new 15 second commercial also lacks the CDA branding, which ran on MTV and MuchMusic through November.
The CDA noted their branding efforts as a “big lead of faith for the culture of this organization where brand is everything,” says Mapy Villaudy, executive director or marketing and fund development at CDA. After much discussion internally, the company has learned that their brand wasn’t currently resonating with younger people, so the company opted to leave branding out of their recent campaign as they felt it probably wouldn’t have registered with the youth.
The CDA noted their typical group of diabetic users as being 45 years of age and older. This campaign was aimed to help the company educate the next generation (the youth) about sugar intake.
The online campaign will return in January and February to help spread the word.

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