Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Social Media: Inhouse or Outsource

For those of you who don’t know, I am a social media marketer. I recently provided some training for a local business in the tourism industry and wanted to share that experience with you.
In my previous position I used to work full time as a Marketing Co-ordinator where I was continuously called on my large marketing firms to outsource our social media marketing efforts. I found the sales tactics behind these firms quite amusing at the time, as I was hired on full time to run social media marketing (among other things). My thought was always, if I outsource this marketing activity to a firm … what am I to do with the rest of my day.
The notion of inhouse or outsource with regards to social media is an intriguing topic for me. Of course the Marketing Consultant in me wants to say yes of course you should always outsource, and make sure you call me. But there are many instances where that is not the case. I come across a large variety of companies in my field of work, and many who successfully run their social media inhouse.
While meeting with my client over the weekend, I gave her a general overview of some social media programs that she was not familiar with, provided her with insight into some analytical programs that monitor your social media efforts, and of course automation programs to help make her life a little easier. This of course is a perfect example showing that some clients are able to run their social media marketing on their own, with a little help/training of course.
On the flip side, I recently touched base with one of my other clients who I run their social media marketing for. They are quite happy with the service that I am offering their company and want me to continue to run their social media for them as they don’t have the time to continuously update their social media pages.
To wrap things up, for those companies who choose to run their social media marketing efforts inhouse please keep in mind the importance of continuous education and training as well as evaluating your social media efforts to better utilize the platforms out there.
If you or your company are looking for social media training, please contact me mbucher02@gmail.com

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