Friday, November 18, 2011

Playboy Hits Shopping Malls To Promote Perfume

I never thought I would see this kind of campaign ramping up for Christmas, but in light if the holiday season coming Playboy has set up booths in high-traffic shopping centres to increase awareness of their brand’s three perfumes for women.
I personally did not know that Playboy sold perfume, which lead me to think WTF when I first heard this story.
Consumers who visited the Playboy booth were said to be immersed in Playboy’s branded experience for perfume, while also being exposed to new TV ads from Playboy. Consumers who took part in the perfume campaign were offered a $3 coupon to purchase a bottle of perfume.
Playboy noted their target market for this campaign to be dynamic and curious young women who like fashion, but were pleasantly surprised when women in their 30’s and 40’s approached their booth.
I wonder how local dad’s will feel about Playboy marketing to their young daughters in local malls …

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