Monday, November 21, 2011

An innovative approach to a marketing campaign ... or is it?

While working at one of my client’s job sites, we received a package in the mail that contained a pair of hot pink flip flops. Written on the flip flops were a website that read with our owners name on it, no other information.
I wanted to check this out, so I went to the website written on the flip flops and was pointed to a wall of different shoes. The website asks you to hover over a pair of shoes for an inspirational message.  To give you a better idea of the website, the hiking shoes talk about climbing to new hights with your business. There were various other shoes on the site, but I didn’t see a point to the site so I left.
A little surprising, I haven’t seen a campaign like this before. The website we were directed to had no soft or hard sell on it, no company information, and really no clear purpose.
When I visited I received no real information, and surprisingly the flip flops came all the way from Florida to Vancouver, Canada. This makes me wonder how much this cost the sender in postage and really how affective their campaign will be?
From a marketing perspective, I didn’t see this as a great campaign idea. It really lacked that “wow” factor.

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