Friday, November 18, 2011

GE's First Ever Marketing Campaign

More than just household appliances, GE sees Canada as an opportunity to expand their market share
GE Canada has recently launched their first every marketing campaign, highlighting the company brand within such business sectors as aviation, energy and health care. The new marketing campaign utilizes a variety of photographs that help showcase GE’s technological expertise, such as an airplane on the tarmac.
VP of Communications at GE, Kim Warburton notes the new campaign as a way of expressing GE’s bigger story, and build broader awareness for the company’s operations.
Warburton notes that while more than 95% of consumers recognize the GE brand, many still associate the GE brand with household appliances and lighting only, when in fact this only accounts for less than 10% of their business segment.
The new marketing campaign will run straight through to the spring of 2012, and is a result of what GE is calling 12 growth regions where the company would like to focus more of their business efforts. With globalization expanding competitors reach into the North American markets, GE recognizes the importance of a better focused business model on their global operations.  

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