Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Barnes & Noble Launches Nook Tablet for Holiday Season

This past week Barnes & Noble unveiled their new $249 Nook Tablet, an e-book reader that includes more features of a full-blown tablet than their prior offerings as tablet wars heat up for the Christmas season.

Tablets and e-book readers are expected to increase in popularity during the holidays, and both Barnes & Noble and Amazon are hoping to capture some of the market share from such tablet manufacturers as Apple. Barnes & Noble's launch comes weeks after Amazon.com announced their $199 Kindle Fire tablet. While Barns & Noble didn't price match for direct competition, the Nook Tablet offers more memory and claims a longer battery life than the Kindle Fire.

Since the introduction of the Nook in 2009, Barns & Noble have been spending heavily on their e-book readers and e-bookstore in an effort to stay competitive with the every changing consumer demands and tough competition.

The expected launch date for the Nook Tablet is November 17th, look for it in stores.

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