Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Barbie's Making A Comeback

She may be nearing retirement age, but Barbie has been working hard at launching 6 new careers for 2012 - including a architect, chef and veterinarian - all part of a new outreach program created by Mattel Canada with the slogan "I Can Be."

The new "I Can Be" slogan, created for the English Canadian market, represents what the Barbie brand has been about since 1959, that little girls who play with barbies dream of what life will be like when they grow up.

Role out of the new campaign will consist of an online forum for mothers, an in-school program featuring a six-part curriculum that is currently being used by 725 schools across the country, and an ambassador program that features six Canadian women from various career paths, including a veterinarian, a chef and an actor.

From a marketing perspective, I respect the fact that Mattel Canada is encouraging young girls to dream big, but I am curious to why barbie is being implemented into school systems and who this campaign is really helping, Mattel Canada or the kids.

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