Sunday, October 16, 2011

Top Time Wasters For Consultants

In an effort to help consultants be more productive during their busy schedule, I wanted to share some of the top time wasters for consultants. This blog post was originated from the Business Consulting Buzz, but I wanted to add my own personal spin to this blog post
1.       On Twitter more than twice in one day
2.       Have desktop email notifications turned on (this is always a huge distraction for me). This also goes for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn notifications on your cell phone.
3.       Use Facebook for more than 15 minutes per day for non-work related purposes (during work hours of course).
4.       Have your phone turned on when you’re working for a client (my phone buzzes every time I receive an email, someone writes on my Facebook wall, mentions me on Twitter, or requests me to be a friend on any social networking site. This can become distracting at times, and is always best to leave your phone on silent while trying to get some work done).
5.       Having your Facebook chat on. I always keep mine off, especially if I pop on Facebook for a few minutes to check things out than receive 4 or 5 messages from people wanting to chat.
6.       Having your TV on while working. I am of course guilty for doing this while either studying in University or working. I like having the background noise, but once I come across a program that looks good this can become a big time waster.
7.       Having an in-person meetings when a simple phone call would deliver the same results.
8.       Receiving tons of emails. I am subscribed to many many blogs, newsletters, and whitepaper sharing programs. On top of that, I also receive well over 100 emails a day from social networking sites. Weeding through emails can also be a huge time waster!
A good recommendation to helping you stay efficient while working for a client, target at least one of these time wasters per week and try to reduce the amount of time you waste of this. After a few short weeks you would be amazed with how much extra time you have.

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