Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Social Media Not Living Up To Expectations: New Report

According to a new “Global Survey on Social Media Risk” the growing use of social media within multi-level marketing campaigns is said to be compromising both companies’ security and brand image, while also being said to have caused negative impact on employee productivity.
I am just going to stop you right here and say I am not too surprised that employee productivity has decreased. In a different research study, more than 70% of companies surveyed said they actively blocked social networking sites from the workplace, and 30% of those companies noted having to take disciplinary action against an employee for unlawful use of social networking while at work.
This recent report states that the top 5 risks incurred to companies from employees on social media are:
1.       Viruses/malware
2.       Brand hijacking (a great example of this is Fox News on July 4th)
3.       Lack of control over content
4.       Unrealistic customer expectations of service
5.       Non-compliance with record management regulations
This list of course does not include the large amount of man hours lost due to status updates and Farmville games.
Here are some of the key findings of this research:
·         89% of respondents said that diminished employee productivity is the number one consequence of social media usage in the workplace, followed by diminished IT bandwidth and the loss of confidential information
·         60% of employees are estimated to use social media for personal use at least 30 minutes each day
·         Only 29% of respondents said their organization has the necessary security controls in place to mitigate or reduce the risk posed by social media being used in the workplace
·         65% of respondents said that if there is a policy in place in their organization, it is never enforced
·         52% of organizations have experienced an increase in malware attacks as a result of employee’s use social media, with 27% saying the attacks increased more than 51%
As a social media marketer, this information is quite interesting to me. I remember when I used to work as a Marketing Coordinator as was called on by agencies asking if we were interested in outsourcing our Social Media activities to help increase productivity. I was never a believer in their whole sales pitch, but after learning of the decreasing productivity by employees, I understand now why companies should consider outsourcing their social media marketing.
On the employees defence, social media is a lot of fun and there is so much to learn from social media.
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