Friday, October 14, 2011

Lady Goo Goo Is Not A Gogo

British based company Mind Candy set to launch a new single called “The Moshi Dancy” after receiving overwhelming feedback from their audience on YouTube. The release of their single was recently stopped after an injunction was ordered for them to stop.
Why you ask …

Mind Candy chose to design their online pet monster wearing sunglasses with blonde hair and called it Lady Goo Goo. Although the name, and purpose, behind their new product launch is cute, it of course shares similar resemblance to Lady Gaga. The pop star recently won her injunction against the company, and the British High Court rules in Lady Gaga’s favor, ordering Mind Candy to stop all promotions, selling, distribution, advertising and other work related activities surrounding the character Lady Goo Goo.
Here is what I wonder: the company chose to create a character similar to Lady Gaga (seems to be modelled after her), with a similar name and appearance. I wonder if they were surprised when they learned that Lady Gaga was not happy with their choice in characters? Your thoughts?
This reminds me of an episode of Drangon’s Den when a lady came on the show with her company called Ms. Lube, asking the dragons (particularly Jim) to invest in her company. For those of you who don’t know, Jim is actually a co-owner of Mr. Lube and eventually sued the company for trademark infringement and copyright infringement. Ms. Lube was eventually sued for $240,000, but the owner of Ms. Lube chose to fight the lawsuit rather than close up shop or change their name.  

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