Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ad Per Tweets: A Bad Experience

A few months ago I really started getting into the whole being paid for blogging and eventually came across a website that allows you to advertise other website on your Twitter feed for money. Overall it was an interesting experience for me, learning the different companies that use this program to increase their website traffic, and the popularity in CTR’s between the different companies.
I must say this is a blog I have wanted to write for quite some time as more of a company review article. I wanted to share my personal experience with you today, and must express my disappointment with this company’s business practices. They conveniently shut down my account only after they were required to pay me … here is my story:
To give you a better understanding of how the company works, for every click you receive they pay you a set dollar amount. Once your account reaches $50 they pay you out and you can start all over again. I remember one weekend working SOOO hard to reach that $50 because I was so close. I swear I spend a good 14 hours a day on Twitter and their site. Once I reached that $50 I was quite excited, told my other friends that were also using Ad Per Tweets and waited for my money. I was then advised that I “violated the terms of agreement” and my account was suspended (conveniently only after I reached that $50 mark). I didn’t understand what they meant and reread through the terms and conditions and don’t see how I could have possibly violated those terms? They are pretty straightforward, so I emailed them asking what I did wrong. I told the company I wanted to continue to use their services and asked if they could tell me how I violated their services … I received no reply. A few days later this began to bug me so I emailed them again asking what it is that I did wrong and if they were going to pay me? No response, a few more days go by and I email them again asking why I haven’t heard anything and if they were going to pay me …. again no response.
I eventually gave up on this company and wrote off the $50 as a waste of time. I see this company madly posts on Craigslist all the time about how amazing their company is and how you could make hundreds of dollars a day. I also came across an unhappy customer of theirs on Twitter this morning talking about how the company isn’t paying him either. This seems to be a common thing for the company, not paying people once they reach that $50 mark.
I wanted to write this blog to share with you my experience for those considering dealing with this company … it is not a good idea. From what I see on Twitter this morning, I am not alone here in not being paid by the company. It seems this is a common thing that many people are experiencing. This company chooses not to return emails or respond back to people on Twitter, leaving the advertising companies to receive bad PR from unhappy Ad Per Tweets customers.
I think the worst thing about this whole situation is, I have recently started up my own company and considered advertising on the Ad Per Tweets website. I am very happy that I learned of all this before going into business with this company. I guess this is a similar case of the Buyer Be Ware!

If you have experienced soemthing similar, I would love to hear from you


  1. Wow. That is so terrible!

    I haven't had a similar experience, but I can only imagine how upsetting it must be!

    I am so sorry you had to go through that!

  2. a total scam site. ripped me off to

  3. Oh wow! That totally sucks. I'm glad you've shared the experience. Going to RT your post so others don't make the same mistake.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I too just had the same experience with them- I am from Pocatello, ID and had been working for about a year for the 50.00 after just starting out with Twitter and having a small group of followers. The clicks had reached the 50.00 mark and I of course put in the request for the money. I then received their e-mail earlier this week which was also very badly worded and said I hadn't tweeted personally and therefore they had to close my account as I had violated their terms of service. I then read through the TOS, found that there was nothing in there about not adding in personal tweets. My boyfriend who was also very concerned and a little curious then read through their terms of service thoroughly as well and found nothing they had talked about in the e-mail. His suggestion was a class-action law-suit if there were enough people out there who have been taken in and scammed. I would have no idea where to begin, but that might be a thought to look into.

    Terrie Ann Wallace,
    Pocatello, ID


  5. I also was scammed but luckily I had only earned $10.01 before they banned my account saying I violated TOS. I emailed asking what I violated and this is exactly what their response was:

    After investigating, we found that your clicks we not legitimate.

    That being said, we have Cancel your account.

    ad per tweets Support team

    Notice the spelling of words. They also are totally in correct as every click I received were legitimate....Ad Per tweets is simply a scam.

    Lisa Erickson

  6. My twitter is @UAintmyson I've had the same issue. I'm looking to file a lawsuit against Contact me on twitter or email me at I will start my research and we can work together. We can also file suit against the companies it advertises. I took snapshots.

  7. same shit happened to me, when the payment time approached, the company message me saying that i violated their tems of use..