Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Twitter Virus

There are many viruses circulating the internet these days, and unfortunately they have reached such social media sites as Twitter.

I frequently receive these messages in my Twitter inbox, but continue to ignore them. For those of you interested in learning what the Twitter viruses looks like, they always seems to say the same thing “OMG I found this funny picture of you and can’t stop laughing,” followed by a link. When you click on the link it brings you to a page very similar to the Twitter log in page, asking you to log in again. Most people would wonder why you would have to log in again. Once you log into this fake Twitter page, the virus begins to spam your followers.

Wondering why they spam your followers? Twitter only allows you to send private messages to those who are following you. And unfortunately the way this Twitter virus works, once you give it access to your Twitter information, it spams your followers who may potentially click on the link, spamming their Twitter followers.

There is, unfortunately, another form of this virus. This one is just as common as the last. This virus “mentions” you, followed by a link. Ex: @Twitter http://tinyurl.com/63ewur4 there is no other part to this message, which is a little strange. If you click on the person that sent you the message, it is quite common to see the person has 6,125 tweets, no followers, and is not following anyone. I also find if you try to follow that person a message comes up saying this person’s Twitter account has been suspended.

The virus has become so wide spread that the official Twitter account actually acknowledged this virus, asking people to resist the urge to enter in their username and password.

I guess the moral of the story here that I would like to convey to my readers is; don’t click on links that you are unsure of, and if you do, don’t re-enter your password for anyone.


This morning I received this message on Twitter:
Do you have access to a computer and want to make money from home? You gotta see this
Of course I have access to a computer silly, I wouldn't be on Twitter if I didn't. This person, @xw64laryc3p,  has no followers and is not following anyone, but has sent the same message to 24 different people.

Now this could easily be someone actually trying to promote some work at home scam, or it could be a virus. I personally don't like to click on random links from people I don't know, so I usually just assume it is a virus. I read a report online a few days ago talking about how the virus gets access to your Twitter account. A simple click is all they need at times to access your followers. If you do encounter this problem, Twitter has said to just change your account password to stop the virus from spreading.

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