Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Social Media Marketing Budget

According to a recent eMarketing report, 44% of small-and medium-sized businesses noted using social media in their marketing mix, while 59% noted spending less than $100 on social media marketing.
I have to say I am not really surprised with these findings. I used to work as a Marketing Coordinator, hired on to start social media for multiple different companies whose main purpose for utilizing social media was to create awareness for their business because this form of marketing was free. The companies that I have interacted with seemed to have no intention of spending any money on social media marketing, and are often hesitant at spending any money on such programs as the advanced version of LinkedIn and Hootsuite. Many business owners have said to me “why pay for things like this when you can use the free version.” Often business owners don’t see the value in paying for such programs, so these findings are not too surprising for me. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the respondents of this survey who spend more than $100 on their social media marketing efforts are larger brands like Coca Cola and Dell.
Your thoughts? I would love to hear from you.

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