Saturday, September 17, 2011

Part 3: Domestic Violence in Advertising: When A Company Goes Too Far

3) Negative feedback for social media sites
The issue of negative feedback for social media sites is always interesting. If you listen to any expert in the industry, they always say negative feedback is just as good as positive feedback, and companies are encouraged to leave the negative comments on their social media sites, making sure to address them right away.
With this particular ad campaign, there has been overwhelming negative feedback on the company’s Facebook fan page, calling for a boycott of the business altogether. I have since than visited their Facebook fan page, and it seems as if a new fan page has been created recently. One can only assume the page was deleted after so much negative feedback, and a new one posted not long ago after the media hype was over.
I guess the question I have now is directed towards the “online makreitng guru’s.” Where does a business draw the line when it comes to negative feedback?

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