Friday, September 2, 2011

Is your company maximizing your social media efforts?

A survey conducted by SAS Canada and Leger Marketing released interesting results indicating that Canadian companies are not utilizing their social media efforts to their fullest potential. The study was conducted with 1,000 Canadian executives who revealed that while their companies many post frequently to their social media sites or monitor such sites for mentions of their brand, many companies rarely do both on a regular basis.  
The results from these findings aren’t surprising for many social media exports as these results are consistent with previous findings from social media exports, who noted that Canadian corporations regularly lag behind U.S firms in the adoption of such things as social media for new marketing channels.
The interesting question here is what is it that causes Canadian companies to lag behind U.S. firms in the adoption of social media as an important communication channel.
Key findings from this study:
·         Less than 17% of Canadian companies post to social media sites or monitor mentions.
·         14% of respondents post to social media sites at least once a day
·         25% of the above group noted no regularly monitoring social media conversations for mentions
·         10% regularly monitor mentions, but don’t post frequently.
·         49% of respondents noted lack of resources as the reason for not posting regularly or monitoring social media mentions.
·         13% said their company disregards social media entirely as a waste of time.

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