Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Is Why We Stock Pile

A few months ago I began couponing, after watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. I can now happily admit that I now have my own beautiful little stock pile of house hold cleaning supplies, make up, and grocery items. I have received a bit of criticism lately from various different people asking why we purchase so much of the same product at one time. On the flip side, my boyfriend is an Econ major and understands the value of stock piling for future usage. I just wanted to share my thoughts of stock piling with everyone.
Here is a great example of why we stock pile:
I recently came across a great deal, one that I couldn’t pass up. I found it on this website

This may sound a little strange, and I have often asked myself why I need so much foundation, but last week I went out and bought 8 bottles of the new Maybelline Fit Me foundation. Reason being …. the foundation costs $11.99 a bottle at places like London Drugs. I found the foundation on sale for $6.99 at People Drug Mart last week, saving $5. With the link about, I was able to obtain a $5 off coupon for the foundation, leaving the foundation to cost $1.99. That is a great deal, and was almost too good of a deal to pass up!
Thus, why we stock pile:
If you look at it from an accounting perspective, these 8 bottles of foundation essentially cost me $16 upfront since I am not technically using the foundation right away.
From an Economic perspective, I may have had to forgo my $16 today in order to purchase $95 in foundation for future usage. Thus, a great investment for my stock pile.

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