Friday, August 12, 2011

Social Media in the Workplace

There has been lots of talk recently about companies letting employees use social networking sites in the workplace, given the number of PR disasters companies face due to a single tweet. This issue has led many companies to ban employees from using social media, while other companies are taking the exact opposite approach by encouraging their employees to tweet during the day.

An informal global survey conducted by Proskauer helps provide a little perspective on what companies are saying about social media in the workplace.
Within this study, 48.3% of respondents said they allow all employees to access their social media, while 26.7% said they allow some employees, and 25% responded saying they let none. This information comes as a bit of a surprise given the rise in social media marketing for many companies across the globe. The study also shows that 70.7% of companies stated they actively block social networking sites in the workplace, while 29.3% say they allow it. A surprising 72.6% of companies that allow social media in the workplace do not monitor employee activity, but 27.4% said they do monitor employee activity.
For those companies that allow employees to use social media in the workplace, 55.1% of companies said they have policies set in place for social networking; and within those social networking policies, 44% of companies said the policies cover work and personal use in the workplace.
43.4% of respondents also noted that there has been misuse of social networking in the workplace, which has become an issue. 31.3% of respondents noted they have had to take disciplinary actions against an employee because of misuse within social networking sites during work hours.
I find it interesting reading these facts, given that I work as a social media marketer and most of my day is spent in social networking sites, which are not monitored but are highly encouraged.
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