Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finding The Right Marketing Consultant

There comes a time when every company needs a professional expert to give you specialized and objective advice on how to improve your company’s daily operations. When looking to hire a marketing consultant, it is best to interview a few providers to see who makes more sense to your company. It is important for companies to see examples of work previously conducted before making the final decision. More importantly, you need to be comfortable with how well the marketing consultant understands your company’s needs.

Here is a list of questions that will assist you in selecting the right marketing consultant for your business:
1.       Do you see special issues around marketing products and services to businesses?
2.       How would you get to know our niche and target audience?
3.       Could you help us compare different ways of marketing?
4.       Do you have an inbound marketing approach, or more of an outbound approach?
5.       Could you help us use social media like blogging, Twitter, and linkedin for our business?
6.       Could you help us get emails to clients and prospects opened and read more often
7.       Who will I be working with day to day? Who will be supporting that person?
8.       Could you share examples of your work that communicate your track record?
9.       Do you have B2B and B2C experience? Although the marketing principles are the same each type of market – B2B and B2C – they each have their own peculiarities. A marketing consultant with experience across both areas will be able to deliver more comprehensive and creative solutions to marketing challenges faced by your business.
10.   Find marketing consultants that would spend time to assess the situation of your company, understand what you want done and how you want to do it. In this way, it is a two-way deal that ensures no important details will be left out.
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