Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 Mistakes People Make While Blogging

Recently, I have begun noticing similar mistakes recurring by new bloggers. Unfortunately, there is a learning curve when it comes to blogging, and the majority of new bloggers will eventually learn from their mistakes, but blogging takes time to get in the groove of things and better understand how your market will react to your blog.  
Like many bloggers, I have also made many of these mistakes while learning to blog a few years back.
Many bloggers who continuously make mistakes in their blog posts often fail to attract new readers to their site, and often diminish their blogs credibility. Below are a list of common mistakes I have come across:  
1. Not writing an SEO-friendly blog
Many companies continuously make mistakes on their blogs and are unaware of it. This could potentially lead to failure in attracting new readers to your blog or loss of revenues. Making your blog SEO friendly allows your company to rank top (or close to the top) of a search engine.
2. Niece blogging 
Having a better understanding of the purpose of your blog will help your company better focus blog ideas on specific areas. This of course doesn`t mean that your company shouldn’t blog on a variety of different topics, but you should make sure to focus on one category that is directly related to your company, otherwise your loyal readers might become disinterested. 
3. Keeping it short
The key to a great blog post is being able to catch the reader’s attention. Writing long blog content makes the readers overwhelmed. 
4. Grammar errors
Not editing your work before posting it allows your blog to lose creditability. Of course grammatical errors can easily be fixed by proof reading the blog out loud before publishing it. 
5. Not submitting your blog to search engines
While SEO friendly blog posts are a great way to create content rich blogs, not submitting your blog to be chased by search engines can prevent potential customers from even finding your company through search engines. 
6. No opinion
I find a lot of bloggers seem to be afraid to voice their own option in their blog. 
7. Spamming other blogs with comments
So many new bloggers think this is a good idea to help create backlinks and drive traffic. This may not put you in a popular position with the publishers, and may potentially discourage others from reading your blog. For someone to want to read your blog from the comment you left, you have to write something worth reading about. A good comment indicates a good author. 
8. Expecting to have a successful blog after just 3 months
Blogging takes time. I have noticed many new bloggers lose interest after the first few months. Maybe they are not seeing the results they initially expected, or are not experiencing the increase in website traffic or sales as promised by so many social media gurus, or maybe they are just finding it too time consuming.
For many bloggers, it takes time to establish your blog as a credible source of information for people to reference. Once you get through that 3 month bloggers block hurdle, things will fall into place.


  1. Great post, love it! Allow me however to add a few points to the topic and if I may, disagree and comment on a couple of issues here, yea, my comment won’t go well with your #3 point above, haha, but just wanted to elaborate as much as I can.

    I believe in addition to the points you have added above,

    1. Have a Passion: As you have mentioned on #8 above, the process takes time, and without the blogger passion, contents suffer badly which will eventually drive the readers away. Passion is also a great driver for dedication and putting more effort into the blog, it is what keeps us going.

    2. Good design: A user friendly design IMO is essential to the blog success. You should be able to provide easy navigation and clear menu items, categories, and like to allow your reader to go over other blogs, topics, interests, etc. If we take this post as an example, I got to this post through a tweet of yours, and really interested to read on other topics you posted, the navigation in here does not help, the URL is not user friendly, couldn’t find what the blog homepage is, and took me some time to realize that all topics are listed in one page or to find information on the post author. Just a friendly note! :)

    3. Cite your sources: not only for credibility purposes, but honesty as well, do not take credit for someone else’s work, personally, THIS IS MY #1 TURNOFF, which brings us to the next point, “originality”

    4. Originality: Doing your homework prior to posting a topic is highly encouraged. Reading what others say about the topic you plan to post, different perspectives, different views, etc. that’s all good, but your research should solely be based on your desire to form your own view, what points should you focus on and what not and create your own original contents.

    Now, I have to disagree *just a little bit* on #6, I believe that is largely dependent on your style. You could voice your own opinion on the post topic of course, but I believe a better approach is to layout facts, make your case clear and let the readers draw their own conclusions. It won’t harm of course to express your own view from time to time, but to make it a blogging habit, I am not sure!

    On #5, very important point, but would be great to elaborate on that a bit on how that can be done, a tip of two, may be a new blog post? :)

    Special thanks for listing #8. Unfortunately many bloggers start with a great blog, great kickoff topics, all good, but don’t have enough patience to learn and watch their blog grow. Dedication and time helps of course, but the process still takes time no matter how much effort you put into it.

  2. Thanks for the comments Mohamed