Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get off Facebook and pay attention to your website: report

I came across this report last week, published by KubasPrimedia, which suggests that marketers are investing to much time in social media to help drive traffic to their website, but are not spending the necessary time updating their website.

This report is based on interviews with over 1,500 consumers about their retail shopping habits and preferred stores. According to the report, 77% of Canadians consumers “often” or “sometimes” visit retailer websites to obtain further product information, while 71% say they visit manufacturers websites. While only 27% of consumers polls said they use social media to gather information, only 23% use blogs for their information search.

After analyzing the different findings within this research report, one can conclude that such prevailing social media tools as Facebook and Twitter are crucial marketing elements. But, an important component to consider is focusing marketer’s attention on the different mediums that consumers use to gather product or service information. As many of you may know, social media is not for everyone. Some businesses have seen large success by using social media, where others see only moderate success from social media.

I think this report is sending a strong message to marketers out there, if you are focusing the majority of your efforts driving traffic to your website, but are not providing a good enough end point (ie the website or directed landing page), you end up loosing your audience.

Research findings by Forrester Research and GSI Commerce noted that less than 2% of online orders during the 2010 holiday shopping period were derived from social media. In marketing today, there is a large emphasis on social media and the success that companies have experienced from social media.

With the ever changing marketing industry, marketers are soon going to have to update and monitor more forms of marketing channels to help supplement their lead generation, meaning marketers must devote their time management into core assets such as their website. Marketers are becoming even busier this year than previous years with the increasing importance of information sharing in such things as social media and blogging, but it is important for marketers to allocate their time and money wisely.


  1. This is a very good post. Although Social Media should be a part of the strategy - Marketers should not spend a lot of time on a medium that does not attain their goals. At the end of the day - it is all about business results!

    1. Thanks for your comment Stefania. It's important for businesses to know where to spend their time effectively, some companies find most of their leads from social media, where others it's email marketing or capturing leads on their website. As you said "Marketers should not spend a lot of time on a medium that does not attain their goals."