Thursday, July 21, 2011

Facebook ‘likes’ Influence Consumers’ Brand Perception: Ipsos Study

A new study shows Consumers are 49% likely to be strongly or somewhat influenced by brand or product recommendations. This study was released by Vancouver based Ipsos Loyalty, who conducted an online study with more than 840 Canadians.

Not surprisingly, social media has been found to be an influential factor for 56% of Canadians between the ages of 18-34. This in comparison with Canadians 55+ at 40%.

This study also found that 48% of online Canadians on social network sites either follow or like at least one brand on Facebook or Twitter. Nearly 60% of younger Canadians follow or like at least 5 brands on Facebook or Twitter, and are likely to follow more. These results are presumed to influence impressions for consumers.

An interesting part of this study confirms findings from an earlier study by Hewlett Packer called The Social Brake Up. Within The Social Break Up Study, 52% of consumers unfollow a brand on Twitter because the content became repetitive or boring. 38% of consumers unliked a Facebook fan page for the same reason.

The Ipsos study takes things a bit further in their findings and break down their findings into demographic age, noting that 41% of younger Canadians say they unliked or unfollowed a brand, while only 15% of older Canadians did the same. 55% of these consumers studies said they unfollowed or unliked a brand because they lost interest. This answer is similar to the findings in the Hewlett Packer study where by consumers noted they stopped following a brand because content became repetitive and boring, or they were too self promotional, hense the name for the study being called The Social Break Up. 

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