Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Extreme Couponing Part 2

Being new to this whole extreme couponing thing, little things still excite me. A few weeks ago I received several coupons for free cereal. These coupons were good for one free box of the new Chocolate Cheerios and were only good for one day. Today was that day! I have been excited for today to come for weeks now, but unfortunately since Canada Post is on strike I was only able to grab 4 boxes of free cereal. I will be quite disappointed when my other free coupons arrive in the mail and are expired :(

Unfortunately, since I live in Canada there is a limit of one coupon per person so I took along my faithful coworker to pick up a few items for me. Funny enough we started at London Drugs, grabbed two boxes of cereal and then made our way up to Walmart. To our surprise, Walmart was all sold out of the cereal so we had to head back to London Drugs and grab the last few boxes of cereal on the shelf.

I must say, I don't really understand how people on extreme couponing are able to leave with so much free stuff. Every coupon that I have has a limit of one per customer.

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  1. they have ALOT of coupons for 1 product, and the States aren't as strict with coupons as in Canada.