Monday, June 27, 2011

Coupons 101 for Canadians

I have been talking a lot lately about couponing after watching the show Extreme Couponing on TLC. I continue to be amazed with that show and how much people are able to save with coupons. Previously, I used to think coupons were a waste of time, especially the $0.50 coupons because there was no big savings there to make it worthwhile.

Extreme Couponing has gotten me chatting with some friends about how we can achieve the extreme couponing status in Canada and what we need to do. I have learned a few things while searching for coupons on the Internet and wanted to share a few of the links with you.

These are the links that I use: (offers a coupon forum, links to coupon sites, and printable coupons)

Because I use google's gmail I am able to open a google document to help track my savings, what websites I have accounts for and what the passwords are. Google docs allows me to access the google doc where ever I am, whether sharing the information with a friend or showing my mom how much I have saved.

There are so many coupons sites on the Internet, but I find many of them want you to sign up before viewing what coupons are available for you to choose from. I have also learned that many of them, once you sign up an account and subscribe to their newsletter, only provide you with links to other coupon sites (ie Coupon Mountain), which then again link you to other coupon sites. The sites listed above are the only sites I have come across thus far that offer a choice of coupons without having to sign up for anything (unless you want to order the coupons).

Good luck with your coupon adventures, and if you are lucky you may find coupons for free products. Read my free cereal experience from last week

New Chocolate Cheerios:
Free Cereal:

If you know if any coupon websites that I have not listed above, feel free to share them with me.

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