Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amsterdam Brewing Company Ad Campaign

Recently the Amsterdam Brewing Company has been poking fun at corporate beer companies in their new advertising campaign. The recent advertisements put down corporate beer companies with such messages as “Buying corporate beer? What, are you on your way to a meeting,” “Your bank should be corporate and stodgy. Not your beer,” and “ Drink like a man. Not for the man.”
The messaging behind this ad campaign intends to position Amsterdam as a truly unique beer experience for beer connoisseurs, while also highlighting the fact that the Amsterdam Brewing Company is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.  
The brewing company has chosen to highlight the entire line of beer products as appose to individual beer campaigns, as it speaks for more brewers in one message. Their idea behind this campaign was to showcase big beer companies as the bad guys, and that small breweries can in fact compete with the big guys.
Interesting spin on a markeitng campaign. I have yet to see a campaign highlight multiple brands of beer all in one go. I am interseted to see the outcome of their marketing campaing.

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