Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping

My previous blog on Consumer Behaviour Tracking Studies talked about the book Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping. If you are anything like me, certain facts that drive people to purchase are quite interesting. I wanted to share some of the information found in the book about Consumer Behaviour. It's interesting the amount of information they know about consumers.

"We know quite a few facts about how human beings behave in stores. We can tell you how many males who take jeans into the fitting room will buy them compared to how many females will (65 percent to 25 percent). We can tell you how many people in a corporate cafeteria read the nutritional information on a bag of corn chips before buying (18 percent) compared to those lunching at a local sandwich shop (2 percent). Or how many browsers buy computers on a Saturday before noon (4 percent) as opposed to af­ter 5 p.m. (21 percent). Or how many shoppers in a mall housewares store use shopping baskets (8 percent), and how many of those who take baskets actually buy something (75 percent) compared to those who buy without using baskets (34 percent)."

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