Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I Learned from Osama Bin Laden about Scrapbooking

As a marketer, I find these kind of stories to be quite interesting. I came across a story on Twitter called "What I learned from Osama Bin Laden about scrapbooking." This story is about the use of social media and how quickly word spreads about events occurring around the world.

"Nearly minutes after the Bin Laden announcement, [one of the writers] commented on how social media works, wondering how soon it would take for people to start talking about Bin Laden on blogs."

Essentially, this article released was a social media experiment to measure to amount of traffic received from such a blog post titled "What I learned from Osama Bin Laden about scrapbooking."

Personally, I find their topic to be an interesting choice given the series of events over the past few days around the world. But then again, what is the one thing they always talk about in social media marketing? Write about what people want to hear about. If you write a blog post about yourself, no one is going to read it. People are looking for engaging information, something that makes then want more information.

To read the full story, click here: http://technorati.com/politics/article/what-osama-bin-liden-taught-me/#ixzz1LMGM9sIK


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