Monday, May 9, 2011


It' has been a year since I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I find it amazing looking back on the past 5 years that I spent in University in comparison to what I have learned hands on in the work force. I wanted to write a little summary of my experience in University and what I have learned being out in the 'real world' after University, what I liked about school, and what I am disappointed with in my educational experience. First off I must say there is nothing more important than the value you receive from your education.

I started off my first year of school at Douglas College where I attended general business and marketing classes. I completed my Business Diploma with a Marketing Citation at Douglas College before moving back to my home town and attending the local University there.

Being that I work in Marketing and have a huge interest in consumer perception and buyer behaviour, I find it interesting looking back on my own perception of what Marketing really was. I had this dream when I was a teenage of what the world of Marketing really was like. I imagined the role of a marketing coordinator to be this somewhat flashy and glamorous lifestyle of advertising, event coordination, and campaign planning.

I have the privilege of working in the Marketing and Communications department for two years while attending University for my Bachelors Degree. This provided me with a more realistic experience of a day in the life of a marketer. Being that I worked at the University, which was a union, I quickly learned that Marketing wasn’t lumped into one big category, but was actually segmented into different roles that make up the marketing department. My experience working for the University was priceless, I worked alongside some amazing people that taught me a lot about marketing, PR, communications, production, printing, and graphic design.

I would have to say my biggest disappointment with the Bachelors Degree program was the lack of graphic design experience. After finishing my Bachelors Degree, I went out into the workforce looking for a full time marketing position and was quite surprised to see how much qualifications and experience people were looking for, and these were things that I was never taught in school ie email marketing, social media for businesses, advertisements, graphic design, campaign planning and post mortem analysis. I understand that there is nothing more valuable than what you learn hands on in a real work environment, which is something you cannot learn from a textbook.

I am amazed looking back on the people I went to University with, how many of them are not actually working in Marketing. On average, I would have to say about 95% of the people I went to school with are not working in a Marketing position 1 year after graduation. For a lot of these people it is situational, many don’t have any Marketing experience and are having trouble finding a job, others have chosen not to work in marketing (even after spending 4 years specializing in this industry). It is amazing to see the amount of people who I have met over the years in University that are not utilizing their education at all.

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