Friday, May 13, 2011

McFarland presents: The Pissalyzer

For all the men out there, have you heard of the Pissayzer?

Two things with this. First off I am quite disappointed this product never made it on Dragons Den or the Shark Tank. It would have been quite interesting seeing the people response to this product. And second off ... what about the girls? How does that work?

The Pissalyzer is a black heat sensitive sticker that has been tested inside urinals at local bars and pubs in Milan. This black heat sensitive sticker is meant to be a warning for those who have had a few too many. It's main purpose is to catch people before they get into their own car and drive home.

How it works:

The average time for a male under the age of 30 to relief himself from one pint of beer is about 24.8 seconds (the fact that they know that is a little weird).

The video below describes the product a bit better.

I would love to hear from the guys on this one.

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