Friday, May 6, 2011

Keep an eye on your competition

Over the past few weeks I have been running a very successful software campaign, targeted towards the mining industry. Since the campaign started a few weeks ago I have been noticing more and more marketing material directed at mining companies surface from our competition. This of course has been conveniently happening after we launched our campaign. Although this is quite common in the business world for competitors to react to campaign that their direct competitors have ran, the reaction patters from our competition are a little too obvious. A perfect example of this is the T-mobile anytime upgrade campaign, followed up by a Telus anytime upgrade campaign with almost all the same specs in their campaign. This I find quite common in big businesses, but I am a little surprised to see this in our small niche software industry.

Our campaign is comprised of a print ad in the local papers mining edition, a success story which also launched with an official press release from prweb, we also followed that up with two mining focused blogs, a mining brochure, an email and direct mail campaign, followed by a social media campaign and a whole new section of our website dedicated to software for mining companies. I also successfully emailed the press release about our success story to a local mining magazine which printed our story.

I would consider our company to be a small business, with fewer than 15 staff. I find it very interested for me as a Marketer with about 5 years experience in the marketing industry to see how much of an impact my software campaign has had on our industry over the past few weeks. This of course reconfirms everything they say in Business school about keeping an eye on your competition.

I have heard of large advertising firms hiring interns to clip articles and conduct competitor analysis on local companies for the CEO to review. But I find this very interesting to see in a small industry like ours.

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