Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Story of Rebranding

This morning while I was on my way to work I started thinking about Dead Frog Brewing. Maybe because I have Canuck fever, or maybe because the game is on tonight, either way I wanted to share an inspiring story of rebranding with you.

A few years back, while I was still in University I had the opportunity to work with the Marketing Manager of Dead Frog Brewing for a school project. During the course of our project I learned that Dead Frog was not actually new to the beer industry, but had been rebranded recently. The company actually operated under the name of Backwoods Brewing for about 8 years before being reincarnated as Dead Frog Brewery.

During their 8 years as Backwoods Brewing the company’s catch phrase was “Drink Better, Drink Backwoods.”

Now the company operates with a more catchy slogan of “do it froggy style.” As a marketer myself, I personally love their new marketing material. It allows more room for creativity behind their new branding. And the beauty of their company name, they can play with words in so many different ways that work great for their company.

“The reason we changed the name was that the other name had no market ability,” says Dead Frog founder, brewmaster and CEO Derrick Smith during a recent Brewed Awakening visit to Aldergrove. “So we really had to make the decision to buckle down and create something that everyone could remember.

“Based on results, we’ve done a fabulous job of changing our name. People don’t forget who we are. They don’t mix us up with other pond animals, or red frogs or green frogs. It’s pretty clear who we are and that’s really supported us.”

Dead Frog also sells t-shirts with other catchy slogans:
- Nothing goes down like a cold Dead Frog
- Do it froggy style
- There’s more hops in a Dead Frog
- You want flies with that?
- My pad or yours?

Personally, I think the best thing the company has going for them is the coolness factory that their name brings to the company. I remember talking with my mom about this project when I was in school. When I told her one of the company’s slogans was “Nothing goes down like a cold Dead Frog,” she instantly went eww which made the slogan than much cooler.

This company is full of creativity. While working on our school project, we were provided with some marketing swag to help with our presentation. One of their creative pieces that really stuck out for me was their floor stickers. Their marketing manager told us they were looking for a more creative approach to POP advertising, and since most liquor stores were just cluttered with on the counter pop advertising, Dead Frog decided to go with a different approach.

Very creative company. Check out their website:

A Lesson in Branding:

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