Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Thoughts about PR

Over the course of the past year at my new job I have learned many new tricks about PR and Communication that are quite interesting to me. I have to say, the most interesting thing that I have come across in PR thus far is the ability to write draft quotes and have people sigh off on them.

There have been numerous events that have recently past for our company where we released a PR statement, and asked our partner companies or affiliate companies to provide us with a quote to add in our PR. Maybe this is because I am somewhat new to the PR/Communication world, but I was quite surprised to learn how common this practice is across multiple companies in many different industries. The response I quite often seem to get is "oh just write a draft quote for me and I will sign off on it."

I have to say, my favorite customer quote I have received thus far has to do with our company celebrating 20 years in business. We had a customers, a very funny customer, provide us with a somewhat dry quote to congratulate us on our 20 years of service. His quote went something like this, "We are surprised to hear your company has managed to stay in business for this long, and that you haven't tried to tank our company along the way. We have been a long time customers of yours, putting up with your BS and long support wait times. " It was quite the comical quote, but we of course revised the quote and sent it back to him for approval.

I wonder if this is a common practice in the PR world?

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