Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kellogg's Fibre Plus

As I sit here this morning enjoying my free sample box of new Kellogg's Fibre Plus cereal, I am pleasantly surprised with the delicious taste of this new cereal. In an effort to be more health cautious and add more fibre into my diet I decided to try a box since they were giving them away free. I must say, free food always tastes better but this cereal is actually great. I tried the summer berry one, and was also given a $1 off coupon. After watching that extreme couponing show on TLC, this coupon has got me quite excited! I guess I will have to wait until the cereal goes on sale then stock pile like the rest of the extreme couponers.

I think the reason why I was so surprised this cereal tasted so good is because I recently tried another low cholesterol "good for you" cereal that was not a success. We shop at Save-On quite a bit and they had tons of boxes of Banana Nut Cheerios located around their store in different displays. Against my better judgement, we decided to try a box knowing they didn't sound too appealing, but hey cereal that is good for you shouldn't taste good right? Ya the cereal wasn't very good. I wasn't a big fan of the idea of banana cereal to begin with. The cereal tasted a bit like burnt marshmallows and bananas that went bad. I wasn't a fan. The sad thing was, Save-On couldn't even give the boxes away. After a few weeks, they ended up reducing the cereal to $1/box and placing a large skid of them in the front of their store. It seemed to take a long time for Save-On to get rid of this cereal.

All and all I am quite impressed with the new Kellogg's Fibre Plus cereal, and it has 40% of my daily recommended fibre!

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