Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free Dessert from Telus

Yum, Telus recently announced they would be giving away free apps and desserts as part of their new "Clear & Simple Device Upgrade" program which now allows for anytime upgrades of their mobile devices. This of course is in retaliation to the T-Mobile "Anytime Upgrade" campaign running, which also allows users to upgrade their mobile devices anytime.

Not only has Teuls mirrored the T-Mobile campaign, they have also stepped it up a notch with a "Telus Taste of Tuesday" promotion in Toronto where Telus has offered to pay for appetizers and desserts on Tuesdays at select restaurants. The "Telus Taste of Tuesday" promotion will run in Vancouver during May.

“We wanted to try and find unique lifestyle touch points to intersect with the consumer and attach Telus to upgrading a different part of their life – such as their dining experience,” said Tim Beach, group media manager for Cossette Media, whom developed the program.

This is quite the promotion that Telus is running, but of course is not their first free promotion that benefits consumers. During the month of December. Telus also gave away free coffee in local taxi cabs throughout 7 different cities across Canada. During this promotion, over 14,000 people took advantage of their offer.

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