Monday, April 18, 2011

The Fart Blanket

I have to share this story with everyone because it is just such a great example of amazing customer service.

A while back I learned of a blanket, a very special blanket that somehow concealed bad odors. My boyfriend loves Burger King, but I don't think it loves him back, and somehow I end up suffering. When I heard of the Better Marriage Blanket I fell in love. The commercial is just so funny, and unfortunately I have been woken in the middle of the night from a bad smell more than once. I will be honest; a few of those might have been from me, but not many. (Must watch! It wont let me share the video) On a side note, the video has been watched by over 1.7 million people.

This blanket is such a great gift idea for those of you who can relate, not only because it is funny, it is also a polite way of telling your partner that they kind of smell a little from time to time. Any who I was apparently one in a few thousand people who wanted to purchase this blanket, their manufactures couldn't keep up with demand. Christmas passed, Valentine’s Day passed and so did my boyfriend’s birthday before I was finally able to purchase this blanket. Once I finally purchased this blanket I quickly learned that this cheap $29.99 blanket was going to cost me over $70.00 because it was being shipped to Canada. I quickly cancelled my order and was quite disappointed. I recently came back from Mexico to learn the blanket had arrived at my work, and while I was away my co-worker had to pay the $22 UPS customs fee.  

I was quite unhappy that they had not only charged me for the blanket that I no longer wanted, my co-worker also had to pay the customs fee while I was away. Media Corp was more then apologetic for the mix up and offered to refund my money with no problems. They even let me keep the blanket. I must say, I am quite happy with their customer service team and how they handled the matter, and well I can't help but laugh at the blanket because it is just so funny.

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