Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zippo Celebrates 80 Years

The tiny Pennsylvania company is soon to celebrate their 80th anniversary next year along with their 500 millionth lighter. With rising pressure from society to quit smoking, Zippo Manufacturing Co. is faced with the challenge of diversifying their product offerings. Some of their wider product offerings vary from watches to leisure clothing which are said to be sold in kiosks and Zippo-brand specialty stores in local malls. But not every company  is successful at branching out their product offerings. Industry experts have begun to poke fun at Zippo saying they should stick closer to their core brand, and such new products as Zippo cologne might be associated with lighter fluid, as that is the only other liquid odor really associated with Zippo.
To give you a general idea of the decline is Zippo sales over the years: Zippo sales in the mid 90’s was around 18 million lighters, an all time high for the company. The company is estimated to product about 12 million lighters this coming year.

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