Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Roll Up the Rim Celebrates 25 Years.

This year Tim Hortons celebrates its 25th anniversary of the “Roll up the rim” promotion. With one of the more widely known marketing phenomenon’s back in Canada, this phenomenon has spawned a copycat promotion from a little place called Country Style Donuts called “Turn up a winner.” 

Each year Tim Hortons “Roll up the rim” provides the company with positive media coverage and has even been considered by some as the unofficial end of winter. Because of the popularity of their contest, Tim Hortons has even extended their promotion to include their Afghanistan store.

Tim Hortons attributes their promotional success to its simplistic nature of the campaign, allowing consumers to win just by purchasing their morning coffee. But while this campaign has become increasingly popular over the years, Tim Hortons has remained tight lipped about the impact on sales due to this promotion.

A little history of “Roll up the rim”

“Roll up the rim” was debuted in 1986 as a way to reward customers for their loyalty while also attempting to attract new ones. During a brainstorming session with the their cup supply company, Tim Hortons deemed that the portion of the cup under the lid would be a perfect place for posting their contest message. “Roll up the rim” prizes have come a long way since the first year it debuted in 1986, with a box of Tim Bits as the grand prize. It wasn`t until 1988 when the first vehicle was given away as a prize, and since then, Tim Hortons has created partnerships with Toyota to help with brand building.

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