Monday, March 7, 2011

Is Your Business Really Ready For Twitter?

Over the past few years, Twitter has grown to become a successful social media platform for many businesses. People have come to know the usability of Twitter for their companies, and we have all heard about businesses who have found great success using this social platform.
Understandably, Twitter isn’t for every business. A lot of the success stories that we hear about are always the same companies over and over again. There are many businesses that have jumped on the social media bandwagon, more so because everyone else is, who are finding that social media just isn’t for them.
The most important component in marketing is getting in front of your target market and showing them why they need your product. And of course, since the majority of our target audience uses social media platforms as a means of communications, we generally go where the people go. But the hardest part of capturing your target audience is actually knowing which social media platform to reach them on.
Just like a successful marketing campaign, companies need to set goals that align with the company’s business plan. This will help you understand if Twitter is actually working for your business. Just remember, the number of twitter followers in your account is not a good tool to measure your business success on Twitter. Focus on such things as website traffic, email opt ins, and conversion rates.
The company I work for, we measure our traffic sources. This is an easy data point to keep track of through our analytics. We also track our data sources based on the blogs that we write. In our analytics, it shows which landing pages were clicked through via Twitter, showing us the success of that webpage content. Influence is also an important measure from Twitter accounts, as it shows how many times, if any, that your company has been mentioned on such sites as Twitter. Google reader is also a good tool to use for this, as it allows you to set up alert functions for anytime someone mentions your company name or product.
Any good marketer knows, if you don’t track the success of your marketing campaign then how do you know it was successful? The same goes for such social media platforms as Twitter. Companies invest countless amounts of hours into social media, but if your company is unsuccessful at it what’s the point? This is an important question that many social media bandwagon jumpers have been asking themselves over the past few years.

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