Friday, March 4, 2011

iPad 2 Said to Change Marketing for the Future

While Apple sets to unveil their second-generation iPad this coming week, technical bloggers are advising professional marketers to start thinking about what this means for their industry.
With 15 million iPads already sold since the device shipped less than a year ago, “the cool kids all have it and more people are going to,” said Dave Snyder, associate creative director for Dentsu digital agency Firstborn. “It definitely means marketers need to open up to custom brand apps.”
Regardless, marketers and advertisers have been largely absent from branded apps, leaving a large opportunity for movers and shakers in this industry to experiment with branded apps. Many technology blogger experts are stating that marketers are missing a large opportunity here, but what exactly are we missing out on?
Face time with consumers seems to be the big selling features for marketers. With the new front facing camera, this makes yet another way for consumers to interact with live customer service chatting via video chat functions. It has also been suggested that marketers could consider a click to call app, allowing consumers to call a customer service agent with the click of a branded app right on their iPad. With faster processing, the iPad 2 could potentially open doors for more powerful web-based apps and multitasking opportunities. The devices HDMI output also allows web surfing or apps to be shared on monitors up to 59” for optimal usage.
While the new device is only ounces lighter than the original, industry experts are noting that this device won’t become a personal shopping device anytime soon. There is still the awkward issue of holding the device for long periods of time.
While there are many cool new features with the iPad2, more graphic features and faster processing, I personally am still not sold on the different functionalities of the iPad 2 that marketers are said to be missing out on. I am, however, very interested to see if the iPad2 is going to live up to the hype of revolutionizing the marketing realm.

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