Friday, March 18, 2011

Do you have an Internet Marketing Plan?

I find the notion of an internet marketing plan to be very interesting as it is something I have never thought of before, nor have I ever come across such a plan in my previous work experience. To date, the companies that I have worked for have always seemed to do social media and internet marketing because everyone else is, and they felt they had to.
Going back to my previous blog post about “Is your business really ready for Twitter,” there is an important paragraph in that blog article, which interestingly enough I have never tied into an internet marketing plan until this morning.
Just like a successful marketing campaign, companies need to set goals that align with the company’s business plan. This will help you understand if Twitter is actually working for your business. Just remember, the number of twitter followers in your account is not a good tool to measure your business success on Twitter. Focus on such things as website traffic, email opt ins, and conversion rates.
Looking back on this blog post this morning it is only fitting to take my own advice into account as I work on creating an internet marketing plan for the company I work for. I have read numerous articles about internet marketing plans and what they entail. Below is a list of key items I feel are important as I work on writing our internet marketing plan.
1.       Choose which three methods of internet marketing you are going to focus on, whether it be increasing sales or creating brand awareness.
2.       Form written goals for each marketing vehicle, similar to a regular marketing plan with deadlines.  Again, remember that the number of Twitter followers is not an overly accurate measurable for your social media success. Conversion rates and increase in sales are more appropriate measurable.
3.       Work out a framework of how you plan to attain these goals you have set out
4.       Create a schedule of your working time (ie. We post blog articles every Friday for consistency, and our customers have become accustom to our schedule)
5.       Integrate your new schedule into your everyday work schedule to ensure you actually follow through with your new schedule.
6.       Consistency is key here, make sure you are following your schedule
Like every great marketing plan, your internet marketing plan needs to have a purpose. Why are you doing these actions? How will this help your business?
I personally have set goals for our company in regards to where I would like to see our company’s social media grow to and what I would like to see out of my marketing efforts, but have never wrote them out in a formal process. I personally like having an actual written marketing plan, as it’s more of a guide for me personally to work towards achieving  and having measurable goals to attain.

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