Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Corona Extra Creates Limeface Campaign

Corona Extra has recently launched their first experimental campaign to help keep their brand on top of consumers mind during the long winter seasons. Typically, Corona Extra has been known as a beach beer, but the company has decided to branch out their marketing efforts to other seasons in an effort to increase sales.
The Corona Extra street teams called “lime handlers” have been out distributing bags of green citrus limes during consumer shows, sporting events and busy streets in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia to help promote their campaign. Consumers are given a pin number on their bag of limes and are encouraged to visit the company’s website to enter to win one of the 10 free vacation getaways.
This is definitely one of the more unique marketing campaigns I have seen so far this year; every aspect of this campaign is creative in its own unique way. I particularly like their “get your limeface on” video shown on their contest page.
Get your limeface on: Lime face is what happens if you eat a lime on its own. Corona Extra is the only known remedy for Limeface – show us yours!

As of this morning more than 187,000 people have entered their pin for a chance to win the one in ten free getaway trips. I see their contest runs until April 30th, 2011 but my only question for them is why now? With spring just two the corner why launch a marketing campaign talking about the long winter season and that drinking Corona Extra’s is not just a summer/seasonal thing. On the flip side I personally think their marketing efforts are kind of smart targeting this time of year. I personally am heading to Mexico in a month and this seems to be almost the perfect time to start pushing your beach beverage and stay on top of consumers’ minds, like myself.
For more information on this contest check out their website: Corona Extra

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