Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adobe .... I have a Bone To Pick With You

I wanted to focus this morning blog on the purchase process, and what happens when your purchase process does not run smooth for your customers. I have recently been trying to purchase Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) for my work, but have had nothing but problems trying to purchase the software direct from Adobe. I have recently learned that it is much cheaper to purchase the software direct from Adobe and wait 3-5 business days rather than purchase it from a local Staples store and install it the same day.

For those companies out there who have a sales process, this is something important to keep in mind while strategizing your sales process. I am a customer; I have money, and am now on day three of physically trying to give Adobe money for their product. On day 1, the first person I spoke with told me that he works on commission and did not want me to call back later that day to speak with someone else to finalize the order as he would lose his commission. He was finishing up for the day and was unable to complete my purchase process; he never did call me back the next day.

Again, here is my thought process from a consumer point of view. Adobe is actually making the purchase process so difficult; I personally regret totting how important this software is for our organization and how much we need it here. I also personally regret not going 5 minutes down the road to our local Staples, paying the extra $150 more for the same product and having the opportunity yesterday to start working on our print ads that are due next month.

Keeping in mind the different stages of the purchase process, I hope that you the reader keep this experience in mind while working or managing the company you currently work for. From a customer perspective, if it is this difficult in the pre-purchase state of the sales process, I am only hoping that the post-purchase customer support team will be a lot more helpful.

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