Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 Ways to Lose Twitter Followers

There has been some recent research conducted with regards to Brands on social media sites, and what drives consumers to fall out of love with a brand. The research was called “The Social Breakup,” which highlights consumer motivations and actions towards terminating their social friendship with brands through Twitter and Facebook.
Based on their findings, below are 5 important reasons why consumers unlike or unfollow brands on Facebook or Twitter.
Lack of engaging content
According to this research, 52% of consumers unfollowed a brand on Twitter because the content became repetitive or boring. 38% of consumers unliked a Facebook fan page for the same reason.
With keeping this research in mind, it is imperative that companies not only understand why they are losing fans or followers, It’s all part of the process of learning what your consumers are looking for and providing them with relative content. I personally have unliked Facebook fan pages over the years, but not because of the lack of engaging content, it was mainly due to the excessive amount of content always posted. It became cumbersome and repetitive for me. I have also unfollowed Twitter brands for the same reason, or excessive tweeting.
Lack of deals
It has been widely know that over the years, consumers have turned to the virtual world for deals. Consumers have come to expect deals on social networking sites, in fact, 27% of consumers said they have unfollowed a brand on Twitter because there were not enough deals offered, while 24% felt the same on Facebook.
Although this is an important concept, it is also important to be logical with the deal offerings. Companies who offer deals frequently with limited time usage are often perceived to be scams.
Overly self-promote
24% of consumers said they unliked a brand on Facebook because their wall posts were too promotional. 21% felt the same way on Twitter. This is a great link back to the lack of deals comments from consumers. This industry is all about finding that even balance between promotions and too much promotions.
No real value
17% of consumers on Twitter and 20% of consumers on Facebook stated they unliked or unfollowed a brand because their postings provided no real value to the consumer.  Brands should focus on limiting their silly or mindless updates, and not post for the sake of posting.
Related to the value aspect, 44% of consumers said they unliked a brand on Facebook because that brand posted too frequently and 39% gave the same reason for Twitter.
It’s not you, it’s me
Similar to real life, things change and consumers may not find your information to be relevant anymore. 12% of consumers on Facebook stated life changes as a reason for breaking up with their social media brand provider, the same was stated for Twitter.


  1. Interesting stats. Its a daily challenge to keep posts engaging but not overbearing. Good to know some of the basic reasons people move on.

  2. Thanks for the reminders on how to keep (and hopefully add) Twitter followers. Reminds us all to write more globally, rather than egocentrically. It's counterintuitive to old-school marketers, I think!

  3. Great points! Thank you. I always try to make my posts interesting and informative. It's good to know how others may think.