Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Times are Changing for Social Media

A recent 2010 Analytical Benchmarking Survey released results showing more than 69% of marketers are using Social Media and online videos as part of their marketing strategy. Smart marketers are going where their customers are and marketers know the importance of listening to their customers.

Recently the Old Spice guy took viral marketing to a whole new level by proposing to a woman on YouTube for one of his Twitter followers. Such viral marketing strategy within these social media channels can form a significant competitive advantage to drive revenue growth and Old Spice has experience this through a large wave of positive feedback from their fan base.

On July 13, 2010 the Old Spice guy began posting videos on YouTube with personalized messages to fans on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. But that's not all they have done, Old Spice has also smartly been targeting social media-savvy celebrities and bloggers as a means of creating a viral buzz in the social media world.

Within one day of the video being posted on YouTube, the video had already received 38,328 views and today over 256,683 people have seen this video. More than 1,000 people have tweeted about this on Twitter and well over 1,000 have also shared this video on Facebook.

This video series just shows the power of viral marketing in the world of social media and how unique marketers are becoming while taking advantage of this free form of marketing. We are very interested to see the outcome of this viral marketing campaign and what unique opportunities this campaign will inspire.

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