Monday, February 28, 2011

SunChips Going Green ... Again

SunChips has been working hard this past year to do their part for the environment and have recently launched the world`s first 100% compostable chip bag. According to Sunchips packaging, the bag breaks down completely when placed in a hot, active home or industrial compost pile. This is great news for the chip manufactures and it`s always nice to see a company do their part to help the environment, but there is one problem. Consumers have been complaining about the packaging, calling it the noisiest packaging in the market. SunChips manufacturers realize their bags are noisy, but attribute the noise to the compostable material. On their website, the company states that their bags are louder than usual because plant-based materials have different sound properties than the traditional chip bags.

SunChips manufacturers hope that consumers will put aside their noise complaints and think of the positive impact their packaging will have on the environment. In the mean time, SunChips has decided to go back to the drawing board to help eliminate some of the noise from their packaging. Until then, consumers will have to become creative while trying to hide their snacking habits at work.

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