Thursday, February 3, 2011

Social Media for Facebook - The Jury Still Seems to be Out

I wanted to focus today’s blog post on facebook traffic. This is an issue that we have been facing with the company I work at for quite a while now. There seems to be a level of disconnect between our customers and our facebook fan page. Over the course of our social media span we have tried to push social media, but find we hit a wall when it comes to getting customers to like our page. Currently, the majority of our fan base is our employees showing support for our company. We seemed to have a few customers and friends of our co-workers but no actual customers.
I was looking into a couple different things that industry expert say you can do to help your company along and found some interesting information. One of the key issues being discusses was the lack of effort on the companies part to push their social media sites, hence the low numbers that companies are seeing. The majority of companies expect their customers who are on facebook to find the company all on their own. More often than not, a consumer will end up stumbling upon your page, whether through a friend or article of some sort. That seems to be how I find company fan pages along my way.
One interesting example given is the Social Media for Small Business – Powered by Dell. I find this example to be interested, as I have always been told that in social media, Dell is one of the better examples of companies that we should follow, as they seem to get it. They know what their customers are looking for, and seem to successfully promote their pages as an information hub. Their information posted is pushed as an added value feature to consumers as a means of creating a connection to their brand.
But now what about those companies that are unable to offer the resources or value added features that Dell can offer? I have read other articles that encourage companies to utilize contests or coupons as a means of enticing consumers to interact and join your page.

A more interesting story about facebook fan pages is the Coca-cola fan page.  What’s so interesting about this page is that it was actually started by two Cola-Cola fans and has evolved into the largest product fan page on facebook. Surprisingly enough, the original creaters of this fan page still maintain the page now, but with blessing and help from Coca-Cola itself. The Coca-Cola marketing department was also smart enough to encourage their fans to continue using this page as a fan page and asked the creaters to make a video of the history behind the Coca-Cola fan page, and how Coca-Cola has reached out and offered to help maintain the fan page with them.
To get back on the topic of growing your fans on facebook, the last interesting piece of information that I read talked about targeting the right demographics. I think this is the biggest challenged faced by our company as we are in such a specialized segment of the market, where the majority of our customers do not use social media. This provides an interesting challenge for us, and I use the world challenge loosely. Although we are not getting the traction we have been looking for on our fan page, this is helping us create a strong corporate brand for our company in the world of social media.  

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