Monday, February 7, 2011

Online Marketing Metrics

With the many changes happening around us, related to Social Media and Web 2.0, there has been much debate as to whether the old rules of measuring online marketing still apply. There is, however, no doubt of the importance of the newly emerging metrics.
For a long time, the old metrics have centered around the volume of sales leads as a result of online marketing. But things have rapidly changed with the development of new technologies and especially with the changes to social media and their affects to online marketing. Because these changes are relatively still new to many companies, there is still a level of hesitance for many companies to include these new metrics in their marketing reports.
An interesting notion that many marketers don’t take into consideration is the idea that business exposure happens even prior to the actual sales cycle. This seems to be the point where marketing metrics lack the exposure metrics surrounding the marketing campaign. A lot of important marketing metrics happen higher up in the sales funnel.
It is quite easy to get lost in the multitude of different metrics available for companies that don’t seem to help improve your business or marketing strategy. These metrics eventually turn into more of a burden then an analytical benchmark for the company to review. A few key areas to consider when measuring your companies exposure are how many people read your blog posts, how many fans does your page have on facebook, how many followers do you have on twitter? All of these metrics demonstrate your reach or level of company exposure and weather that reach is rapidly increasing or decreasing over a selected period of time. The higher the exposure, the more impressions you are contributing to your sales process. But at the end of the date, what matters most is whether your company is generating new revenue.

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