Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Lesson in Branding

Over the past year this photo has been circulating the internet and has caught much attention from branding experts. The philosophical points within this chart highlight the need for consistency within branding.

It has been widely quoted over the years that the average consumer needs to be exposed to at least 17 impressions of your company before they consider doing business with you. Consistency throughout those 17 impressions is key for a brands success. It has also been noted that if there is no consistency within the brand, it will take more than 17 impressions for brand recognition and brand association to make an impression. This could be due to consumers associating some of their impressions with a different company all together.

In branding, consistency is key. Coca-Cola has long been the steady brand that triumphs over Pepsi with a greater attempt to gain market share. The evolution of the Coca-Cola logo is admirable and few companies can claim to have extended their brand heritage over three centuries but unfortunately this chart isn't 100% accurate. Coca-Cola has been slightly modifying their logo for many years now and today’s Coca-Cola logo is surprisingly similar to their first logo some 120 years ago. Coca-Cola's logo in general has stayed strong and consistent throughout the years.

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