Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Facebook status updates will soon be available in OnStar

This morning I read an article in the Washington Post talking about the Facebook integration service with OnStar that was announced last October. I find this to be very interesting, but couldn’t help but laugh as I read the article this morning. Although it’s a cool soon to be new feature for Chevy Cruze, do we really need easier access and more ways to updating our Facebook status?
The new Facebook integration was previewed during a Super Bowl commercial this past weekend, showcasing a young couple on their first date. The commercial shows the young man turning to Facebook at the end of the night to see how his date felt their night went. OnStar also notes that you will also have the capability to update your own Facebook status talking to your OnStar system. My question here though is what if the date didn’t go so well? Do you really want to know only seconds after dropping her off at the front door?
Here is the commercial.

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